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A 2D pixel shooter hololive fan game! (Still in development)



hololive fan game "SUPER PEKO 35" is a 2D pixel shooter game. Usada Pekora, who is wanted by Oozora Police, attempts to climb up the tower to escape. Nousagi is chasing her, with Pekora’s frenemy Sakura Miko by her side. And what we all know is, Nousagi is the one who "mischiefs" Pekora the most…The player will act as Nousagi, trying to block Pekora’s way, and attack her with various skills, in order to stop her from reaching the top of the tower.

Plot Summary

"Vandalism, 12 cases, imprisonment, 2 cases, manufacturing explosives without authority, 7 cases, fraudulent, 3 cases. Usada Pekora, who is prosecuted for the reasons above, is now absconding. All the citizens please be aware. If there are any witnesses, please call the Oozora Police Office immediately..."

Today was a terrible day for Pekora.

She had only blown up several villages, imprisoned her unconscious colleague in a wooden prison, and planned to frame Miko for all these problems. Then she ended up being targeted by Oozora Police.

Storming out of the office, Pekora escaped along the way, stumbled, and finally entered a mysterious tower.

According to the investigation report written by A-chan, Pekora's accomplices would come to her on the top of the tower.

To arrest the criminal, Oozora Subaru decided to let two elite who are most suitable for this mission subdue Pekora.

One of them is Pekora’s greatest frienemy Sakura Miko. The other is the one who would have no sympathy for Pekora - Nousagi.

Meanwhile, the tower was thrown into chaos.

Smol Ames teleported from various timelines for unknown reasons have almost captured the whole tower.

The chaos attracted the other existences which are also chaos itself. Including ancient deep-sea ethnicity who pursues recreation, the incarnation of the goddess of the moon, and the indescribable nightmare...

A thrilling chase full of magnificent barrages and the laughter of the cocky rabbit is about to start.


The player acts as Nousagi, letting Miko, who suspends by your side, use the skills to attack. There are five zones to take. Your goal is to knock down Pekora before she reaches the top. Kill mobs and bosses on your way to upgrade your skills or increase the damage level.

  • Moving: Control Nousagi using WASD. Miko will suspend beside you.
  • Attacking: Click LMB to aim, attack or use skills.
  • Skill changing: Click (QER) to switch the skill you're using. CD time between changes is required.
  • Skill Point (SP): Get when mobs are killed. Click (1/2/3) to upgrade your skills by SP.
  • Fever Point (FP): Charged when mobs are killed. Fever time will be activated when it’s charged to 100%. The fever time will last 30 seconds, attack damage will increase and CD time will shorten.
  • Treasures: Get when the zone boss is defeated. Choose by the mouse wheel, and use it by clicking MSB. CD time between changes is required.
  • Map items: Appear on the map randomly. Both Nousagi and Pekora can have the effect when getting (passing) it.



hololive fan game「SUPER PEKO 35」是一款 2D 像素射擊動作遊戲。 被大空警察通緝的兔田 Pekora 試圖爬上高塔逃脫,追殺她的則是最佳損友 Miko 及世界上最擅長虐兔的──野兔。玩家扮演野兔,阻擋去路、進行射擊,以抵擋 Pekora 逃至塔頂為目標。


「破壞公物罪、十二起,監禁罪、兩起,私造爆裂物罪、七起,詐欺罪、三起。 遭以上罪名起訴的頭號通緝犯,兔田佩克拉目前在逃中,請各位居民提高警覺,若有任何目擊資訊,請立刻回報給大空警局……」

這天,對 Pekora 而言是個糟糕透頂的一天。

她只不過是炸了幾個村莊、把失去意識的同事關進木牢裡面、還想把全部的問題賴給 Miko,結果居然就平白無故地被大空警察盯上了。


根據 A 醬的調查報告,Pekora 的同夥將在這高塔的塔頂接應她。

為了捉拿犯人,Subaru 決定派遣兩名最適合這項任務的 elite 前去制伏 Pekora。

其中之一,便是 Pekora 的最大冤家 Miko,

另外一人,則是這世界上最不可能同情 Pekora 的存在──野兔。


原因不明,從各個時間線穿越而來的 Smol Ame 們,幾乎佔據了整座塔。





玩家操作野兔,讓一旁的 Miko 發動攻擊。共有五個攻略區域,在 Pekora 逃至塔頂之前擊倒她,即獲得勝利。一路上擊殺野怪或區域 Boss,以升級技能或加強攻擊。

  • 移動:以 A/D 鍵操作野兔左右移動。Miko 會懸浮在野兔身旁。
  • 攻擊:以滑鼠左鍵瞄準及釋放攻擊(或技能)。
  • 技能切換:點擊 Q/W/E 鍵切換欲使用技能。有 CD 時間限制。
  • Skill Point (SP):擊殺 mob 獲得,累積一定點數,可按 1/2/3 鍵升級對應技能。
  • Fever Point (FP):擊殺 mob 蓄力,累積至 100% 即進入 fever time,期間持續 30 秒,一般攻擊增傷、CD 時間縮短。
  • Treasures:擊殺區域 Boss 可獲得,以滑鼠滾輪滾動選擇,按下滾輪確定使用。切換有 CD 時間限制。
  • 地圖道具:隨機分布在地圖中,野兔或 Pekora 得到都可獲得效果。


→ Special thanks to SION for providing Japanese translation.


hololive fan game「SUPER PEKO 35」は 2D ピクセルシューティングアクションゲームです。大空刑事に手配されている兔田ぺこら塔に登って逃げようとする時、親友(あくゆう)のみこと野ウサギに追われる話。プレイヤーは野ウサギとして、ぺこらの逃げ道で銃を使って、ぺこらを邪魔しましょう!

「器物損壊罪12件、監禁罪2件、火薬類取締法違反7件及び詐欺罪3件。上記容疑の最重要指名手配犯、兎田ペコラは現在逃走中で、 住民の皆さんは警戒を怠らないよう、目撃情報があれば直ちに大空警察署に通報するようお願いします。」


ただいくつの村を爆弾で壊して、気を失った同僚(なかま)を木造の牢屋にぶち込んで 、やっちゃったことをみこに被らせるだけで、わけわかんなく大空刑事にめをつけられたんだ。







理由が不明だが、あらゆる時間から来たSmol Ameにほぼ塔内を占拠されている。






  • 移動:A/Dキーで野ウサギの左右移動できます。みこは野ウサギの傍に付く。
  • スキル切り替え:Q/W/Eキーをクリックして、使うスキルを切り替えることができますが、 CDのタイムリミットが適用されます。
  • スキルポイントは、モブを倒すことで獲得でき、一定数のポイントを貯めると1/2/3キーを押すことによって、スキルがアップグレードできる。
  • フィーバーポイント(FP):モブを倒し、パワーを100%になったら、30秒間続くフィーバータイムに入る。
  • トレジャー:エリアボスを倒すと獲得できる。マウスのホイールでスクロールして選択し、ホイールを押すと使用する。 切り替えはクールタイムがあります。
  • 地図アイテム:ランダムで地図中に生成されます。野ウサギとぺこらも獲得できます。

Special Thanks


Game Producers / Project Management

Game Designers

  • 廖翊鈞 (Vivian)
  • 張博凱 (Karrs)

Unity Programmers



  • 242
  • 魏榆庭 (桜庭アリナ)


  • 傅孝軒 (Sasha)

Music / SFX

  • 李苡瑄 (Coco)
  • 沈宇韜 (紗筱)
  • 程弘元 (湯圓桑) | @louis117228

Game Testers


  • SION | Japanese


super-peko-35-windows-x64.zip 85 MB
Version 0.26.0-alpha Jul 15, 2022


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I wouuld love to play the game but the website version doesn’t work for me and cashes the web. Please fix this!

Interesting mix of platformer and shooter.

The game plays pretty well. I like all the ideas in the game description, even though they're not implemented yet in the game as far as I can tell.

I found the following issues / improvement suggestions:

- The main menu UI doesn't scale well in ultrawide monitor when going fullscreen. The top and bottom are cut off. (I played the web version)

- The level background and foreground platforms have very similar colors and makes it hard to see where to jump. I suggest making the colors more contrasting between both game layers.

- The Iroha dialogue box had chinese text even though I selected English in the settings.

- I died once in the boss fight and got teleported to the bottom of the tower together with the boss. I don't know if this was intended.

- The shooting sound effect volume is too loud. It overpowers other sound effects.

- Fever time needs more feedback to the player. The icon on the corner is not very visible when the player is focused on a different part of the screen shooting enemies. I suggest a change of music and maybe adding a full screen overlay effect.

Good job on the game and I hope to see a more complete version with more levels and functional attack skills! :D

keep up the good work peko !

Cool art and Music, i think it would be better to add more Customization and Upgrades but Great Work!

Nice game peko!

Thanks peko!