Use WASD (or ↑←↓→) to control the character movement.

Space to jump.

Hold Shift to sprint. Press F to dash.


Project Manager / Programmer: edisonlee55 (@edisonlee55)

Artist / Designer: C4 (@C4_create)

NYCU VTuber Club | Homepage


Heaven2Hell Peko (Win64) - Alpha 87 MB

Install instructions

1. Unzip to the place you like

2. Open "Heaven2Hell Peko.exe" inside the unzipped folder to launch the game

Development log


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Hell Moment

所以是從頂端往下跳? @w@




this is short and fun "bgm" game of pekora :^)

Pretty funny game.

Interesting concept of a reverse speedrun of Jump King. XD

Poor Pekora screaming all the way down makes it even funnier.

I like the UI polish and the pixelart.

Improvement suggestions:

- Change the default master volume to 50% or something like that. It's not nice to blast your player's ears when first starting the game.

- Is not running necessary (not pressing shift key)? In a speedrun game like this, it doesn't seem useful. Maybe I missed something? If it's not useful, maybe remove it?

Also, my personal best is 16 seconds! :)

Good game!


Poor peko-chan


There's no game

Hi, thanks for your comment.

Is the game having trouble booting up? Which platform are you using?

If you may, providing screenshots with errors would also be helpful for us to debug the issue.

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It works and I'm on windows 10, there's just nothing to do than endlessly fall back to the start.

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Yeah, it’s our first time making the fan game. Still learning game dev. uwu

Regardless, hope you enjoy the game!